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Creating a home office can be a daunting task and with the right support, it needn't be. Working from home has huge advantages of the busy office environment but without the support ofthe "IT Helpdesk, you may feel a little isolated. 

We can create a Home Office envionment or configuration that best suits your needs and business function. For a low monthly fee, you can also benefit from our IT Helpdesk facility for homeworkers, Small Businesses and home users.

  • Printer Installation
  • Fax Installation
  • Computer Installation
  • Broadband Installation
  • Router Configuration
  • Server Build | Configuration | Install
  • Website Design | Hosting
  • Email | Blackberry Configuration 

Software Installations

Do you want to install a new software programme? Or maybe you just need to upgrade to a later version of an existing package? If all the manuals are just too complicated give as a call and we will load the software on your behalf.


Need help installing Broadband?
Do you need to secure your wireless network?

We specialise in new technologies and broadband is just one of them. If you require help installing and configuring broadband and you live in sheffield, an engineer will visit you in your own home. Our main aim is to ensure that your network is set up correctly and that it is secure. It's very common for people to simply plug equipment in without any advanced setup, leaving your computer exposed to the outside world. Why would you pay for a broadband connection that everyone else can use for free?


9 out of 10 wireless broadband installations are set up without any security. This means that anyone can use your internet connection - for free! The major issue with this is that anyone can connect to your broadband anonymously and carry out criminal activity and access information on your computer. All activity on your broadband connection is logged under your name and your account. We will ensure that your wireless equipment is secure and that your internet connection is used only by you. By default, equipment provided by manufacturers is supplied with security switched off so it is important to have this checked by an engineer.

We ensure all information transmitted will be encrypted to help prevent eavesdropping.

If your broadband provider only supplied you with a broadband modem and you would like to have the functionality of wireless internet, you can purchase the wireless option from us in order to upgrade your broadband setup and access the internet from anywhere in your house.


If you simply have a broadband modem, the process is much simpler and setup is usually quicker. An engineer will visit you, perform installation tasks and have you surfing the web in no time.

In both cases, wired or wireless, we will also secure your computer from the outside world and check that you have the latest Microsoft updates for your computer. Maintaining your computer will help prevent problems in the future.

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